New additions…

The shop has been hopping with new yarns arriving every week.  If you haven’t been in lately come on down and check out all our new stuff!  The latest addition is from a new company, Sleepy Hollow Fiber Farm, and this yarn is just gorgeous!  Each skein is 200 yards of beautiful sport weight yarn, either 100% soft wool or blended with alpaca, silk or tencel.  The colors are just stunning too!

Sleepy Hollow Yarn

We also received a new shipment of handmade buttons with some fun themes.  The sets include Peter Rabbit, butterflies, groovy/peace, vintage kids and adorable robots.


Our newest sock yarn from Cantering Crow Colorworks are flying off the shelves.  Come check them out before they are gone.  Mary’s color choices are bright, vibrant and fun!


And finally… these fun pins that can be worn on sweaters, shawls, scarves, etc… OR used to hold your stitch markers.


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