Seahawk blowout…

IMG_20140202_214609_254 (2)

Well, you all know about the big game by now so I won’t go into details (cough cough, butt whopping, cough, cough, LOL).  I did get this new, wonderful, superwash merino wool in the other day and one of the colorways reminded me of the Seahawks… so a hat it became!  This one was made during the superbowl.  It will be hard to give away so maybe I should put it in my “grandkids” stash… yikes, the thought of being a grandma some day terrifies me!

Anyway, after I posted it on Facebook, I had requests galore.  The first request, however, came from my daughter.  But, she is not a football fan so she picked a different color.  I’m really loving knitting with this yarn and I think I may now have a little addiction to self-striping yarn.   This yarn would make great kids items, a sweater would be really fun.  I think I need to start looking for more yarn like this, it’s easier and quicker than actual fair isle or color stranding 🙂

IMG_20140204_091214_139 (2)

Now onto the next project…


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