Road Trip – Day 3


Day 3 started out with a drive to Bozeman and a stop at the first yarn shop of the day, Stix.  While my family walked around then patiently waited for me, I shopped for yarn and had a really hard time trying to decide what to get.  This adorable shop had a great selection of local yarn, including bison.  Of course I couldn’t resist, I just had to HAVE it.  That was the easy part!  The hard part was deciding what locally hand-dyed yarn to get.  I can’t show pictures just yet, it will spoil the surprise.


Next stop was Yarn Scout, which was only a few minutes away.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the outside but this shop was great.  I did however manage to take a photo of her massive button collection.  Wow!


This shop had tons of yarn but it was easy for me to decide… yarn the owner had just hand-dyed herself and was tagging.  Talk about being in heaven, it’s simply gorgeous.



Onto Yellowstone National Park.  The drive was simply beautiful.  Before hitting the entrance to Yellowstone we made a short stop at Back Porch Quilt & Yarn while the kids shopped at a rock store.  I didn’t buy any yarn but I found some fun gadgets and a quilt kit.  No, I don’t sew but I will have to learn now…lol.

On the way into Yellowstone we saw a family of adorable deer and beautiful mountains.  Pictures and more on that on my next post.


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