Road Trip – Day 6

Day 6 started out with finally finding a good white chocolate mocha.  I was going through withdraws and really missing Cutter’s Point & my daily dose of William Patricks.


After getting my coffee, we loaded up and set out for Wall Drugs.  If you have ever driven through South Dakota you can’t miss it.  The signs and billboards start from miles and miles away.  I wish I would have taken some photos, some of them were pretty funny.  This western theme town was fun but we didn’t stay long.  Lots of people and very touristy, we went, we saw, we left… onto the Badlands of SD.


The Badlands were awesome.  A little long but worth it.  It was like a mini grand canyon, the rock formations were amazing and we saw a bunch of prairie dogs and a long horned sheep.




Unfortunately, our timing was awful so I missed out on stopping at any yar


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