Road Trip – Day 7

Day 7 on our road trips was pretty much all driving except for a couple of yarn shop pit stops.  The first stop was in Des Moines, Iowa.   While I shopped at Hill Vintage & Knits, Andrew and the kids went to Zombie Burgers for a bite to eat.  They had the best french fries!  I didn’t get to try the burgers though.



Hill Vintage & Knits was an interesting shop.  They had vintage clothing, a few gift shop items and one and a half walls of yarn.  But, I can always find something to buy and buy I did.  I found some locally dyed yarn I just had to have, lol.  And the best part?  Well, see for yourself:


I got to see Ryan Gosling 😊😁


It was a quirky little shop but quirky is good!  After eating and stretching our legs it was back on the road to Iowa City for a quick stop at Home Ec Workshop.  Yes, this is a yarn shop and a fabric shop and an embroidery shop, it was really cute.  If I lived her I would for sure be taking some sewing lessons.  I loved the fabric selection as well as the yarn section.  And to top it off?  They had a coffee & bakery area too.



On to the next state!

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