Road Trip – Day 9

I love my husband… he let me have a day to myself for yarn shop hopping while he took the kids to Cedar Point amusement park.  How awesome is he?  It kept out of the 95 degree heat and blaring sun, thank goodness.



My first stop was a fun little shop on an island.  I had to drive over Lake Erie to get there which was pretty cool.  I could even see the roller coasters off in the distance.  This family owned business had 3 separate buildings.  The first building was a boutique/gift shop with fun and unique items and homemade fudge.  Yes, I did get fudge in 4 different flavors and it was delicious.


The next building was the yarn shop.  It was small and crowded with yarns that did not necessarily appeal to be but in the back I happened to find yarn, in natural colors, from their own animals.



The last building was a studio where yarn is spun and dyed and classes are taught.  Behind the studio were little cabins you could rent for camping.


After that my yarn shopping took a turn for the worse.  The next shop took me forever to get to and they had moved.  I was able to find their new spot but no yarn, mostly cottons and acrylics.  I did however find two patterns I really liked.  The next two shops were permanently closed and the last stop put me into Michigan at the stages shop I have ever been to.  At first I thought “this can’t be right”, I was at a garden shop.


The address was right so I decided to jump out and look inside.  On one little door to the right was a sign that said “closed for stitch-n-pitch”, just my luck that day, another bust.  I decided to check out the garden center anyway and the shop was right there inside, open to the garden center.  I couldn’t purchase anything but was still able to look around and decided I didn’t need to go back.  I was done for the day and was heading back to the hotel for some rest when I got the call to pick up the gang.  It was way too hot for them, guess we were all done for the day.  One the other hand, I did get to see a nuclear power plant, woohoo… maybe Andrew will want to move here, lol.


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