Road Trip – Day8

Day 8 was a great day… not because of all the long driving but because I got to see a dear friend who moved from Gig Harbor to Illinois over a year ago and we really miss her.  Some of you may know Margaret, she was a regular customer who often came in to visit and knit.  She is a extremely nice woman who always welcomed anyone and everyone who came into the shop.  Did I mention how much I miss her?  Lol…


And, she is still amazing.  She welcomed us with smiles and big hugs.  I hated that we had such a short time to visit with her but I’m so happy we got to see her.  I will be back for a longer visit again and I can’t wait.

Of course I had to check out a local yarn shop too.  We stopped at Yarns To Dye For.


The lady in the shop that day was very nice and I found some locally dyed yarn to add to my traveling socks.  I do have pictures up in our Ravelry group.  The rest of the day was spent driving across Illinois and Indiana.  Unfortunately our timing didn’t work out to stop at any yarn shops in Indiana.  It’s on to Ohio next.


The toll roads are very different, paying to drive on a normal highway just boggles my mind.  In the middle of the highways you have stops where you can get gas and food.  Both side of the highway are identical, very strange.  But I was happy to get coffee, I’ve never seen one so big.  It was 32 ounces that we all shared because it was so sweet.  Welcome to Ohio!


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