Join us Saturday, Nov. 26, from 10:00-7:00 (extended hours), for Small Business Saturday. Help support your local shops and community.

This year we have 20 tote bags to giveaway with any purchase…first come, first serve! We will have some special events, including a trunk show and a needle/hook tasting party with Knitter’s Pride. We have samples of all their needles and hooks for you to try out and some to give away as prizes. I have a few other surprises in store but you’ll have to come on down to find out… Shop Small!

We will be OPEN Mon, Tues & Wed but we will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving and black Friday to enjoy time with our family and friends. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday week and THANK YOU for supporting our little shop. It means the world to us… Sherri, Susan and Heather


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The fall yarn crawl is coming.  Go to for all the details and to download your passport.  This year’s event is Socktoberfest… all things sock yarn related from your head to your toes!  It’s going to be FUN!!

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Road Trip – Day 9

I love my husband… he let me have a day to myself for yarn shop hopping while he took the kids to Cedar Point amusement park.  How awesome is he?  It kept out of the 95 degree heat and blaring sun, thank goodness.



My first stop was a fun little shop on an island.  I had to drive over Lake Erie to get there which was pretty cool.  I could even see the roller coasters off in the distance.  This family owned business had 3 separate buildings.  The first building was a boutique/gift shop with fun and unique items and homemade fudge.  Yes, I did get fudge in 4 different flavors and it was delicious.


The next building was the yarn shop.  It was small and crowded with yarns that did not necessarily appeal to be but in the back I happened to find yarn, in natural colors, from their own animals.



The last building was a studio where yarn is spun and dyed and classes are taught.  Behind the studio were little cabins you could rent for camping.


After that my yarn shopping took a turn for the worse.  The next shop took me forever to get to and they had moved.  I was able to find their new spot but no yarn, mostly cottons and acrylics.  I did however find two patterns I really liked.  The next two shops were permanently closed and the last stop put me into Michigan at the stages shop I have ever been to.  At first I thought “this can’t be right”, I was at a garden shop.


The address was right so I decided to jump out and look inside.  On one little door to the right was a sign that said “closed for stitch-n-pitch”, just my luck that day, another bust.  I decided to check out the garden center anyway and the shop was right there inside, open to the garden center.  I couldn’t purchase anything but was still able to look around and decided I didn’t need to go back.  I was done for the day and was heading back to the hotel for some rest when I got the call to pick up the gang.  It was way too hot for them, guess we were all done for the day.  One the other hand, I did get to see a nuclear power plant, woohoo… maybe Andrew will want to move here, lol.


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Road Trip – Day8

Day 8 was a great day… not because of all the long driving but because I got to see a dear friend who moved from Gig Harbor to Illinois over a year ago and we really miss her.  Some of you may know Margaret, she was a regular customer who often came in to visit and knit.  She is a extremely nice woman who always welcomed anyone and everyone who came into the shop.  Did I mention how much I miss her?  Lol…

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Road Trip – Day 7

Day 7 on our road trips was pretty much all driving except for a couple of yarn shop pit stops.  The first stop was in Des Moines, Iowa.   While I shopped at Hill Vintage & Knits, Andrew and the kids went to Zombie Burgers for a bite to eat.  They had the best french fries!  I didn’t get to try the burgers though.



Hill Vintage & Knits was an interesting shop.  They had vintage clothing, a few gift shop items and one and a half walls of yarn.  But, I can always find something to buy and buy I did.  I found some locally dyed yarn I just had to have, lol.  And the best part?  Well, see for yourself:


I got to see Ryan Gosling 😊😁


It was a quirky little shop but quirky is good!  After eating and stretching our legs it was back on the road to Iowa City for a quick stop at Home Ec Workshop.  Yes, this is a yarn shop and a fabric shop and an embroidery shop, it was really cute.  If I lived her I would for sure be taking some sewing lessons.  I loved the fabric selection as well as the yarn section.  And to top it off?  They had a coffee & bakery area too.



On to the next state!

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Road Trip – Day 6

Day 6 started out with finally finding a good white chocolate mocha.  I was going through withdraws and really missing Cutter’s Point & my daily dose of William Patricks.


After getting my coffee, we loaded up and set out for Wall Drugs.  If you have ever driven through South Dakota you can’t miss it.  The signs and billboards start from miles and miles away.  I wish I would have taken some photos, some of them were pretty funny.  This western theme town was fun but we didn’t stay long.  Lots of people and very touristy, we went, we saw, we left… onto the Badlands of SD.


The Badlands were awesome.  A little long but worth it.  It was like a mini grand canyon, the rock formations were amazing and we saw a bunch of prairie dogs and a long horned sheep.




Unfortunately, our timing was awful so I missed out on stopping at any yar


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Road Trip – Day5


Day 5 started out amazing with a trip to Mountain Meadows Fiber Mill.  They were kind enough to give us a tour of the mill.  It’s so exciting to see how the wool is processed, spun and dyed.  This was the highlight of my trip so far.  I guess if you are a knitter or crocheter you totally get why.  Their wool is all naturally processed from the soaps & oils to the dye.  They even recycle their water through a system the owners son created.  It was amazing.


Do you think I could leave without any of this beautiful yarn?


I don’t think so!  You can see and feel this beautiful yarn yourself.  It will be one of our new fall lines coming soon 😊


After stopping for a picnic lunch in an adorable little town, we wen to Crazy Woman Merchantile… how can you resist not stopping with a name like that?  They didn’t have much yarn so I decided to get a little cross stitch kit.  And, since it was a gift shop too, I found a few gifts.  Hey, Christmas will be here before we know it.  South Dakota and Mt. Rushmore here we come.


Mt. Rushmore was pretty cool.  It’s so amazing to see those faces carved in stone.  It was quick, not really much to do but take photos.  I think we spent more time in the gift shop, lol.  I’m happy we were able to stop so the kids could see it.



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Road Trip – Day 4













Day 3 & 4 in Yellowstone, Wyoming.  The last photo is the most gorgeous view on top of a mountain outside of Lovell.  As I was driving we saw a sign saying the climb was steep, usual right?  Wrong… this was the steepest climb I’ve ever been on, it was so scary.  Good thing they had a rest stop half way up or I might not have made it, lol.  The entire drive through Wyoming was really nice.  I think between Yellowstone and our stop in Buffalo, we saw more animals than we did the whole time in Yellowstone.

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Road Trip – Day 3


Day 3 started out with a drive to Bozeman and a stop at the first yarn shop of the day, Stix.  While my family walked around then patiently waited for me, I shopped for yarn and had a really hard time trying to decide what to get.  This adorable shop had a great selection of local yarn, including bison.  Of course I couldn’t resist, I just had to HAVE it.  That was the easy part!  The hard part was deciding what locally hand-dyed yarn to get.  I can’t show pictures just yet, it will spoil the surprise.


Next stop was Yarn Scout, which was only a few minutes away.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the outside but this shop was great.  I did however manage to take a photo of her massive button collection.  Wow!


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Road Trip Day 2

After staying at a nice hotel in Moscow Idaho, we woke bright and early for a 9:00 tour of WSU in Pullman.  I forgot how long it takes for 4 people to get ready with only 1 bathroom, lol.


WSU was a really nice campus and our tour guide was fantastic.  We got to walk across the football field, go into some classrooms, see dorms and all the historic buildings.  Pullman seems like a really fun town too.



After having ice cream at Fernidads on campus, we headed to Coeur D’Alene ID in search of a yarn shop.  The one we stopped at, KnitKnit, just opened in April and it was the cutest little shop.


I loved the industrial look of the shop inside and out, especially the roll up door.


I found some beautiful Hedgehog Fibers yarn that I will be using to start my traveling sock using the Pucker Sock pattern off Ravelry (a free pattern).  I also found some local yarn and a cute mug which I will show later.  On to Missoula for dinner at Cracker Barrel and Butte for some sleep.  Stay tuned for Day 3.

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