Swifts & Ball Winders
Swifts & Ball Winders
Swifts & Ball Winders
Swifts & Ball Winders

Swifts & Ball Winders

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Lacis Yarn Ball Winder II:  Hand operated yarn winder for making perfect pull thread balls up to 4 oz. without requiring any cones or tubes. Comes with integral 1.5" table clamp.

Clover Ball Winder:  After a long time of thoughtful planning and engineering, Clover has released this high quality and easy to use ball winder! It's been designed to withstand rigorous use and will give you years of carefree winding pleasure!

-Wind more yarn with fewer rotations, because of a unique internal gear system.
-Rubber legs protect the table from scratches and allows for stable winding.
-The long handle shape makes it easy to turn and reduces fatigue.
-Manufactured in Japan to offer consistent functionality and a smooth winding feel.
-The protective cover and inner lid prevent yarn from becoming tangled and lint from entering the unit.
-The optimized distance between the yarn guide and bobbin allows you to easily wind up to 3.5oz of yarn.

Knitters Price Natural Swift:  Natural hardwood swift for supporting skeins of yarn of various sizes, 14" small size for up to 60" skein. Stands 20" from table top.

ChiaGoo Wood Yarn Swift:  This Amish-style, Table Top Swift requires no clamping! It has non-skid pads on the base to keep it from moving. Four adjustable pegs can be easily moved to accommodate a hank of yarn up to 62" (155 cm). This swift can be set up or broken down in a matter of seconds. They come in their own box for storage or keep it out on your table for everyone to admire! Replacement pegs available for seperate purchase.