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Stated best by the designer, Olga Buraya-Kefelia:

"LOLO ロロ(Japanese) - female first name

This cowl was named for the look of katakana symbols resembling the texture on this slip-stitch cowl design, a distant cousin of KOKO design patterns. The dimensional structured fabric of this cowl is shaped through a series of increases and progressively growing in size motifs, yet the density and elasticity of it allows you to easily adapt it to be worn as a snood or as a capelet. And with this versatile stitch pattern either side can be worn as a public side!" (Olga Buraya-Kefelian)

This beginning intermediate pattern is made in worsted weight yarn, pattern is included in class.  Taught by Zori Bragg, sample is in the shop now.

  • Wednesday, November 3rd, 10am to 1pm

Class size is limited to 4, each student will have their own table. 

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